Sleepers Awake (for string quartet)

-- J.S. Bach, arr. by Ronald Dishinger and Matt Springer

Ronald Dishinger arranged Sleepers Awake for string quintet, and published it through his company, Medici Music Press. I condensed the string quintet version into a string quartet version, using some unorthodox, but successful, voicings so that the string quartet version works quite well, and I offered this version to Ronald Dishinger. The result has been published by Medici Music Press in 2001 as a Dishinger/ Springer arrangement.

Sheet Music Availability

The string quartet version of Sleepers Awake, as well as the original Dishinger string quintet version, is available from the Shar string supply catalog and from Medici Music Press both online and at (270) 684 9233.



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Reference recording:  Matt Springer and Karen Tsuei, violins; Monte Benaresh, viola; Alison Hu, cello.

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This recording was derived from an informal recording session with non-professional equipment.  Despite the fact that it was not professionally recorded, it is still a good source of information about how the arrangement sounds.  The recording is for reference only and is not commercially available.

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